Another year of MA Music Industries

Hello my friends!

In case you had forgotten, I am still doing a masters part time and I just wanted to give you heads up that I will be posting assignments here on the blog for my new module, Online Enterprise and Innovation, that is part of the MA in Music Industries.

The MA course is lead by the amazing Andrew Dubber and this specific module  is lead by Jon Hickman.

You are all more than welcome to comment on these posts, but please keep in mind that they are all work in progress. So the more thought through comments or feedback you have, the more useful they are.

My module mates will also be commenting and I don’t mind people having conversations in the comments, just please, be nice & respectful towards each other.

This is a discursive field and we are all allowed to have different opinions – I don’t want people to feel mistreated or made feel dumb – especially not me haha.

So yes, I hope you don’t mind me sharing on the blog!

I need a place to share the posts that form part of my final assignment for this module and I didn’t want to start yet another blog just for the MA posts.

Hope you’re all well by the way!

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