EVENT: GUZZ – Green Urban Jazz festival

This weekend I will be heading back to Belgium to meet up with my Laid Back family and to play some records at the Green Urban Jazz festival (GUZZ).

I am super excited to be heading back there because I always feel so welcome and have such a good time with the crew there.

Plus, I will be visiting Leuven for the first time since that’s where the festival is being held, so that should be pretty dope too!

The whole event is one day affair and it will have super dope DJs and live acts including Blast Kid & Teddy Tendertouch, 74 Miles Away (live), BRZZVLL (live) and Mr Critical!

And don’t be alarmed by the name, it’s not just Jazz music but all kinds of great music!

So if you’re in Belgium / Leuven this Saturday you really have no excuse not to come since it’s not only great music, it’s free too – just make sure you RSVP!

And if you don’t believe me, then check out this little warm-up mix to get a taste for it.

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