EVENT: Fun Your Ear Midlands 3

The lovely people from Soul Buggin’ have invited me to come up and play in Nottingham this weekend. I am more than a bit nervous if I am honest, but hopefully it won’t be a complete disaster! If you’re not familiar with the concept of FYE then here is a short description I “borrowed” from their blog:

“the concept has remained unchanged in 10 years. A group of djs (12 in this case) get to play for 30 minutes of whatever they want and however they want and in turn keep the night constantly fresh, eclectic and interesting. The results are always unpredictable and this is the very true essence of an FYE night. What on paper sounds like an absolute disaster waiting to happen turns out to be pretty special due to the fact the selectors tend to have bloody good record collections!”

I’m not 100% sure how bloody good my own collection is compared to these other people’s… But fingers crossed they won’t think I’m shit! If you are in Nottingham or somewhere near this weekend, please pop in and say hello. I will be on at 10:30pm and by the look of things – I’ll only be playing 45s :) So come come come! Rumour has it that their nights are dope!

2 thoughts on “EVENT: Fun Your Ear Midlands 3

  1. alph

    RELAX – you’ll be fine!!
    Look, like someone worrying about their date – don’t worry. THEY picked YOU, clearly they beleive you’er a) talented (of course), and b) you match their ethos & crowd.
    Also, having working in & helped to run clubs, I’m sure these guys will do their best to make you feel welcome. Just go in there & take the roof off ;)

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