Happy 2010!

Hello my friends,

I know it has been rather quiet here lately, sorry about that, just havent been in the mood or had the time to post anything. As some of you might know, I was home in Sweden for 2,5 weeks and I got back to London last Sunday. Honestly speaking, my trip home wasnt really a holiday as me and my mum were moving out of my childhood house, and it was very emotionally draining. Wont go into the details too much, but as nice as it was to see my family and friends, I am rather happy to be back here in the UK.

Very weird how half of January has gone by already, and a new year and decade is upon us as well. I had quite some time to reflect over this past year and decade when I was home. I cant deny that 2009 was a remarkable year with a lot of things happening. Saw my dad for the first time in almost 14 months and felt very awkward about the situation my parents were in. Was made redundant from my job but luckily got a new one shortly after. I travelled to the other side of the world for the first time in my life and spent 2 wonderful weeks with Gavin and his family in Australia. Got back 1 June and got swept away by twitter and the endless number of parties in the summer time. Had an amazing birthday weekend with Colin, and then celebrated it again with 4hero a week after. Was randomly asked to do a guest show for Laid Back, that turned into something so much more than I could ever have hoped for. Had my heart broken by a boy. Finally ended up in a nice house in September with 2 great housemates. Travelled to Brussels for the first time and got to meet so many fantastic people. Met the entire Space Invader crew in the autumn, which was a blast. Over-worked myself and kind of feel I neglected my friends as a result. Had a wonderful time in London with my partner in crime, Julien, from LDBK. Travelled home and saw my family late December. And probably many other things that have escaped my memory.

So whats on the horizon for 2010? Well apart from a lot more work, I don’t really know. I kind of want to spend a bit more time on myself this year. I keep wanting to do it every new year, but this year it kind of feels like I have to or I will lose it slightly. So focusing more on myself is something I will be trying to do. I would also like to travel a bit more, but that will of course be a subject for money and time, which I dont have a lot of… And of course, it would be nice to find a boyfriend, Im not going to lie. I have been single for quite some time now, and even though it is nice at times, I kind of miss having that person in my life that is like your best friend but comes with cuddles & kisses. I mean, sure, there is actually a boy that I like, but chances of us ever getting together are very slim, and they seem to be getting slimmer by the minute. And that is definitely something I need to try to change this year, falling for people who basically are a waste of time, emotions and tears. Dont get me wrong, this boy I like is rather amazing, but I should in theory have better things to do than just waiting for him to say that he likes me and want to be with me. So in 2010, I need to start a new trend in my boy-liking behaviour.

That’s about it I guess. Fairly predictable, but rather reasonable. Although I should try to make more effort to see my friends this year too.  However, all in all, the main thing in the new year is pretty much to start taking better care of myself because I have noticed that if I dont do it, nobody will do it for me.

Im off to have pancake brunch with 2 friends, and then I need to go in to the office and prepare some stuff for a meeting we have tomorrow. I hope you guys are having a nice weekend! Much love xxx

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