LISTEN: More Little Miss Sunshiine


How are we doing today? All good I hope! It’s one day left until I head over the pond and visit my extended family in Brussels. The closer I get, the more excited I am getting. Actually it has gotten to the point that I am so excited I feel a bit sick & dizzy (no lie). Don’t really know why, but I think it is a combination of traveling on my own, going to a place where I have never been, and seeing people I adore & look up to. However, to keep you all warm and fuzzy while I am away, I thought I would post last weeks & this weeks “Little Miss Sunshine” episodes, so you can tune in whenever you start missing me (hahaha!)

Little Miss Sunshine Episode 2

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Im sending all my love to you, you’ve been so supportive and nice, I really appreciate it. I’ll try not to get in to too much trouble whilst Im away, but I can’t promise anything as I am a bit crazy (like some of you know by now). Be prepared for a full Brussels report when I get back! x


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