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Hello my dear friends! I have the absolute pleasure of sharing two incredible mixes that were made especially for me by Greg over at Black Classical. I adore the Black Classical blog, not only because they are lovely people, but also because they have a great selection of some fantastic mixes that I can highly recommend to all of you. I feel very honored  to have received these amazing gifts and I am so excited about being able to share them with you guys. Even the image above was made especially for me, now how sweet isnt that!? I love it so much! Unfortunitally, I am having problems uploading one of the mixes, but it should be sorted sometime this afternoon. For now, you can have a look at the tracklist and drool. And of course, download the other mix in the mean time and visit the Black Classical blog, oh and follow on Twitter!

Tracklisting for Panda Tunes:

01. Robin Jones – Atlas
02. Unknown – Unknown
03. Mike Nock Underground  – Hobgoblin
04. Hannibal Marvin Peterson – Revelation
05. Steve Grossman – Moon Dance
06. John Gordon  – Danish Drive
07. Last Poets – Two Little Boys
08. David Axelrod  – Warning Sign ii
09. Andrew Hill – Lift Every Voice
10. Walter Bishop Jr  – Waltz for Zweetie
11. Herbie Hancock/Jonathan Tate  – Santification
12. Max Roach – Let thy people Go


Tracklisting for Panda Breaks:

01. Prelude – Welcome
02. Francisco Mora – Samba De Amor
03. J Coles – Petits Machins
04. K Mansfield – Big Shot
05. J Cameron – Afro Metropolis
06. C Hicks – On The Wild
07. J Pearson – Bass Guitar Feature
08. S Dale – Artful Dodger
09. Randy Weston – Little Niles
10. Bubbha Thomas and the Lightmen – Country Fried Chicken
11. D Lamont – The Fickle Fugue
12. D Richmond – The Amazing Music Machine
13. Natural Essence – In Search of
14. Kamau Daaood – Army of Healers
15. Lloyd McNeil – Dig where dat’s at!
16. Byard Lancaster – Blue Trane
17. Mary Lou Williams – Act of Contrition
18. Mary Lou Williams – Intermission
19. Mary Lou Williams – Gloria #1


Enjoy my friends, this is perfect music for the Autumn weather that as swept over London. Much love! x

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