A late recap of 2008

New day, new week, and a new year.

I remember going to see a psychic who told me 2008 would be a life changing year for me. And looking back on it now, it sure was.

January was filled with exams and studying, but ended with a big bang and laughter and a pink princess dress and the lusting after Mr Pete Dyson, one of the best lecturers my university will ever have the pleasure to have.

In February I had a slight mental breakdown due to confusion and fear for the future, but it was also the month I went to Nottingham for the first time and visited my dear friend David.

March was a weird month… I went home to Sweden for a job interview, had a fight and broke up with my boyfriend who I was living with at the time. Found myself all alone and completely broken for Easter. The highlight was however that I ended up with a job interview at Brownswood Recordings by some crazy miracle.

April was the month I got to know my uni mates a bit better. It was also the month where I went to my first Brownswood event, and of course, my crazy Bristol trip to visit Neil and Ina, where we were joined by Wiktor and LOTS of home made Mojitos, and where I had the pleasure to get to know John, aka Powercut, who is one of the nicest people ever!

Whilst the month of May was filled with crazy amount of studying, it was also the month I had the pleasure to meet and see one of today’s most talented and amazing artists, Mr José James. I also went to see the incredible street art/graffiti exhibition with Tuite, and I finished my exams and headed off to one of the most amazing birthday parties to date, Nat’s 21st, which had a BOUNCY CASTLE and a lot of laughter and silliness.

In June, I ran away to Sweden to work and get away from the London craziness. Tried to figure out my next move, didn’t succeed very well. Got a crazy visit from my ex who flew over to Sweden from London. I also got to know a boy a bit better who I became very fond of. Flew back to London where I had a brilliant experience seeing Erykah Badu at the Carling Academy down in Brixton.

I had one of the best times of my life in July when I flew down to the Worldwide Festival in Seté with the Brownswood crew. Saw some amazing artists, got to meet and hang out with one of my favorite bands, managed to get a tan, did crazy dancing on the beach, swam in the ocean, became very good friends with some Austrian boys (Lukas I miss you!), ate a lot of French cheese, and came back to London to rock out at the Death Jazz night where Soil & PIMP Sessions stole the show and left us all wanting more.

Turned 22 in August, never really liked my birthdays. Was joined by Lukas who made everything better. Had a visit from the boy, was annoyed we couldnt really be together. Tried to find a job, got more and more depressed. Freaked out about money and house situations, lost my wallet. Had another personal crisis and mental breakdown.

Early autumn and September didnt really come with any solutions. Managed to sort the living situation. Was still trying to find a job, got more and more depressed. Was finally given a break and got a job. Things started to look a bit brighter.

Started working much more in October. Had another visit from the boy. Felt very loved up and happy for the first time in a long time. Started working at Bar Rumba at the Brownswood club night. Gained a very good and close friend in a slightly strange way. Got screwed over by my university.

Worked even more in November, people started to get worried. I was happy because I felt needed. Cried when Obama won. Continued working but felt like I couldnt deal with certain things in my life.

Then winter really came with December, I finally got to hang out with Gavin. Cut off all my hair (almost). Worked even more, gained some new friends, went to my first office christmas party. Was given a promotion. Missed a lot of people. Spent Christmas with my mum. Worked a bit more. And then it was over…

Rang in the new year with some close friends. Ran away for 2 days. Spent time with Nat. Got very drunk, laughed a lot, lost the feeling in my feet (stupid cold weather!). And now it is safe to say, that officially, 2009 in my head, starts today.

New job (at the same place) and some goals and plans that need to be put in immediate action so they can be achieved before 2010.

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