Its dan före doppardan here in Sweden. Ive had quite a relaxing couple of days. Went to the IB reunion thing on wednesday. Was nice to see and speak with some of my old schoolmates and teachers. On Thursday Anna came over and we baked lussebullar and watched RENT!. Daddy arrived in the evening and I went out and had a couple of drinks with Anna. Friday I woke up at my grandma’s place, came home and did some studying. Then in the evening my parents had guests and they brought their son, my childhood friend, Balázs with them. I havent seen him in ages, so it was nice to finally meet and catch up. We had a nice dinner then me and Balázs watched a movie and talked while our parents sat downstairs and drank and listened to music. Yesterday I had lunch with the old sleepover squad. Everybody except for David showed up, but he was forgiven because he’s ill. Nice to catch up with all of them as well. Yesterday was the only day we would all be in Malmö at the same time, and I could imagine us 5-10 years from now, meeting up somewhere, and discuss our lives like we did yesterday. It felt good. I went and paid Dave a visit before I went home. Ive been missing him so much, so it felt like the right thing to do, and I think it cheered him up a bit. Then I spent the rest of my evening reading and searching for books on the internet. Need to get started with my last assessment and my dissertation so no time to waste. Today I havent done much, but Im on my way to my grandma to do some stuff, then Im coming home to decorate the christmas tree. Oh, cant believe its chrstmas tomorrow. Another year has soon gone… Crazy.

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    I am amazed how many Orsi’s are in the biz, or about to be, as in your case. Have you seen Kosmo Orsi in Hungary? Great music videos, well done. I’, Tom Orsi, at – – Merry Christmas!

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