Ive been a bit down the past month and not really in the mood to update. Ive just been feeling like “whats the point…?” But this video usually cheers me up because its so cute, and it contains most things I like about my life.

Ive also been ill a lot lately. And Uni is fucking stressing me out to the point that I make myself even more ill. (Yes, its possible to do that)

Dissertation proposal is due tomorrow, and I dont think Ive felt this lost for a very long time. Oh well, thats whats going on anyway.

To round it all up I thought Id post another video, but only because I adore Amy (maybe not the stupid little things she does, but her voice and sound is great) and this song makes me smile. (and not many things make me smile nowadays). Oh, and the fact that Mark Ronson is in this one as well is just a coincidence.

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