So Im back. Took a mini-vacation in my bed. Almost 100 percent better now, if it wasnt for the minor eye infection and the continuing cough… Oh well, we cant all be perfect can we. Anyways, Ive had a low-key long weekend consisting of a lot of sleep, tv-watching, cuddling and music listening. Rather nice I must admit. Now that Im almost back on track I feel like doing so many things. One of them is to go out and shake my booty. But due to a lot of uni work, normal work and various other things I have a feeling that wont happen in a very near future. The list of things to do can be made endless, but I wont bore you which such things. Since most of you are probably out, I thought Id add a song thats been on my mind for a while now. I reckon its a perfect booty shaker, and since I cant join you out on the club scene, I intend to jump around and shake my booty here at home. Take care my friends!

P.s. I need to get a wig and an outfit like that! Although the sunglasses are ugly…

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