21st Birthday

My fingertips are holding on to the cracks in our foundation and I know that I should let go, but I cant…

So, another year has passed… Its been a crazy year. Many ups and many downs.
It feels weird that time has flown by so quickly. Hopefully Im not just one year older but also one year wiser.

Some things Ive learnt this year are:

– Money doesnt come easy in “the real world”. You have to work for it and make sacrifices. Although money isnt everything, its just means to an end, and it makes life a bit easier if you have a lot of it. But it doesnt mean that it will make you happier.

– Never take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive anyway. Learn to enjoy and appreciate the small things and blessings, that way your everyday life will be richer.

– Remember to follow your heart, even if you end up hurt now and again. Love might not concur everything, but I rather have loved and lost than never have loved at all.

– Dont take your friends and loved ones for granted, you’ll might wake up one day and discover that they are gone.

– Treat others the way you want to be treated, sometimes both people and life can surprise you if you do.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of my friends who sent me birthday messages, who called or sent a text to congratulate me. There are no words that can describe how much I love and miss you.

Love Orsi

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