I think my brain is tired because it hurts. And my stomach is full of Ben & Jerrys Phish Food. I had a lot of things that I wanted to say, but now that I actually sat down to write I cant really remember any of the important things. Oh well, Ill just bore you with the day-to-day stuff then.

Today we had a lecture about publishing. Not in great detail though because we’ll be covering it in third year, but it was still interesting. And my teacher is a bit hot. After my lecture I went to visit Jamie at Barcosa since I havent seen him for like 2-3 weeks. I actually did some serious studying while I was there which made me proud. Had a quick stop at The Metro to say hi to Chris and his friends (since they were going out tonight) before I came home.
(As you can tell, I do not have a very exciting life at the moment)

One exciting factor will, however, be tomorrows lecture. We have a woman from Columbia Records that is coming in especially to talk to us. Looking forward to that a lot. I also might be going to a Fatboy Slim gig in the evening if Andres can get me an extra ticket. But thats about as good as it gets this week Im afraid.

Dont really have any plans for the weekend. Thought Id spend some quality time with myself and my books and maybe even recover from this illness (I wish!). I might go and do some halloween shopping. We have decided to decorate the house a little, so I might go and see what stupid scary stuff I can find.

Furthermore, my ear still hurts and im still quite deaf. And due to my antibiotics I cant be a “real” student and drink. The positive thing about this is that Im saving money. And to be fair, I dont really feel like drinking.

Yesyes, a lot of boring things to tell, Im sorry. To spare you some further reading of my life as a “grandmother” I shall now retire to my room, watch the new episode of south park and then go to sleep.

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