7 days to go

Im sitting in a big brown sofa. The air is hot and heavy. I have a fan just above me, a cold drink on the table and some nice chilled out reggae is coming out of the big speakers. You cant hide the fact that its summer here in London town. I wish I could say that Ive been doing really fun stuff lately, but I havent. If you dont count:
– The concert I went to last weekend that was on a boat. And the nice long walk I had in the city with Phil after the gig. London is beautiful night time.
– That Dave came to visit me. And that we went and saw superman, played computer games and spent Emmas birthday with a nice picnic in the park.
– Some drunken nights where I at one occasion picked up icecubes with my mouth from Sarahs chest and another where I went for a long walk in the rain just thinking things through.
But other than that, not much has happened really. Ive been hanging out with Kirsty a lot. That has been nice because at least I havent been lonely. But she has gone home to Birmingham now for a couple of days, so I think I will try to deal with my 20-year-old-crisis while she’s gone.

I hate the fact that Im not going to be a teenager ever again after 7 more days. In less than 7 days, Ive lived 1/3 of my life, thats fucking crazy! I been thinking about a lot of random things these past days. Like what Ive actually accomplished during my 20 years here on earth. Im not going to go into details because its too hot to function and to think straight at the moment. But I will go home, think about what Ive done, what I wish that Id done, and what I want to do, and then get back to you. For now, I think I will go and buy some things so I can pamper myself so I feel a little bit better. Take a nice bath, do a manicure, maybe a facial, finish my book and just have some quality time with myself. Chris is coming down one day before my birthday which Im really looking forward to. He wants to take me out for dinner so I need to find a nice outfit. I havent really been taken out for a “romantic” birthday dinner before, so Im a bit nervous. It feels so grown up. Oh well, its a sweet thing to do, so Im not complaining. But what Im looking forward the most is all the hours we’re going to spend in bed, doing nothing but having each other close. Oh yes, thats what I miss the most, feeling his skin next to mine.

And for all of you who miss me, have no fear, Im coming back on the 3rd of August. So just give me a call or a text and we’ll meet up. Love and miss you guys!

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