Tomorrow I’ve been home for a week. So much has happened. I’ve met most of my friends and family, but even though I missed home so much, Im starting to miss my second home and my friends from London. I wish they were here, and that Malmö was as big as London, or maybe not, but I miss people, even though Im enjoying my stay here. And tomorrow Christmas starts. Not that Im in a very christmasy mood. It doesnt feel like chrsitmas, I dont know why. I dont even look forward getting presents. Ive only made one this year, have to make some more tomorrow. And on this vaccation of mine Im taking a mini vaccation (thank god otherwise i would get sick and tired of this town, people are so boring!) Im going on a small trip next week up to Uppsala which will be interesting… haha, oh well, I guess my usuall christmas depression will hit me tomorrow soI’ll guess I’ll be writing some more then. Have a Merry Christmas!

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