One Month in London

So yesterday was the one month anniversery of my stay here in London. This was celebrated by a day in the city with my dear friends Juliette. We visited tons of shops and did some shopping :) After that we came home and Juliette cooked some food. So we spent the evening eating nice food, drinking wine, listening to music and just talking about life, love and everything between. Im so happy that I have her! She is so nice and funny! I will miss her when she moves back to Paris in January :'( The way she says “Its sooo Fönni” and “Fökk it!” yeah im gonna me sad. Oh well, After dinner we went down to a pub on Holloway road, but since all pubs close at 11, we stayed for 40 minutes and then came straight home again to spend rest of the night in our kitchen… Not the most interesting thing one can do on a saturday night, but I enjoy her company.

These are the things I bought!

Top/dress kind of thing

A vintage jacket

This wonderful dress which I LOVE

This cool and cousy sweater

A vintage “winter dress”

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