Im on the Nike Training Club FB page today!

A few months back, just after I came back from the Berlin Half Marathon, I was asked by the lovely people at Nike to do a little photoshoot for their Nike Training Club. Im no model and I have never really felt comfortable with other people taking my picture, but it was a great experience and I had so much fun!

The pictures were taken by the incredibly talented and all-around lovely person & photographer Simon Wisbey who also shot some of the other Run Dem Crew ladies for NTC.

So head over to the NTC facebook page and show me and the other girls some love! I think more pictures will be coming this week!

Im in the May 2012 issue of ZEST Magazine

If you pick up the May 2012 issue of ZEST magazine this month you will not only find a pretty dope running guide/feature, BUT, you will also catch some pretty lush snaps of Candice, Bangs and myself in it!

Some of you have been getting in touch and asking me if I have any tips about how to start training, well, now you have an even better excuse to pick up the latest issue since it covers everything from training plans for every level, how to keep yourself motivated, as well as different types of gear etc.

Or you can just get it for the amazing images of us girls, they make me smile for days!