PODCAST: OrsiiCast 9


Hello my dear friends!
I hope you are all good and that you had a nice weekend! I have been a busy little bee lately so I haven’t posted an OrsiiCast here for over a month. However, my friend Alex from On-Point turned 25 yesterday, something I felt like I had to celebrate in one form or another. I have never met him in my life, and he is kind enough to let me stay with him this weekend when I am going over to Brussels. So, I figured I would dedicate this very groovy little OrsiiCast to him. Be prepared to be blown away by some funkalicious tunes my friends! If you manage to sit still to this one, I will be very surprised!

Happy Birthday Alex! I hope you had an amazing day yesterday. I wish you all the love, well being and happiness in the world. Thank you for the continues support and for all the positive energy and inspiration you spread. This one is for you… Much Love – Orsi x

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Tracklisting to OrsiiCast 9:

01. Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)
02. The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Hold It Down
03. Ike & Tina Turner – Funkier Than A Mosquita’s Tweeter
04. Dyke & The Blazers – Let A Woman Be A Woman…
05. Ruby Delicious – Rock Steady
06. Woo Haa! (Busta Rhymes) – Omer Saar
07. The Haggis Horns – Naughty Buddha
08. The Soul 69 – Soul 69 Theme
09. The Delta Rhythm Section – Funkin Fever
10. All Good Funk Alliance – Major C
11. El Da Sensei & Returners – Got Fire Feat. Doujah Raze
12. J.T.W.R. – Get Over It Feat. Amy Winehouse
13. Q-Tip – Poetry Feat. Erykah Badu
14. Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
15. El Michels Affair – Detroit Twice
16. Jimmy Smith – I Just Wanna Make Love To You


PODCAST: OrsiiCast 8

OrsiiCast 8

Love is one of the most beautiful things on this earth. It makes you feel like you can do anything and overcome any obstacle in your way. I am a firm believer of the fact that you can’t choose the people you love, it just happens, for good and for worse.  Unfortunately, when it happens for the worse, it feels like somebody suddenly took away your ability to breath. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you’re desperately struggling to keep a straight face in public whilst you’re  feeling your eyes watering up, and all you want is to run away and hide. No matter how much the sun shines, all days seem a little bit darker, just a little bit gloomier. You can’t help but feeling like a fool, like you’ve just won the gold medal in being the biggest joke in town. And no matter how much you try not to think about it, no matter how much you try to pretend that everything is fine, these feelings slowly start creeping up on you. With every day that passes it feels like you’re losing a little bit of yourself, bit by bit a small part of your soul dies, and a part of your heart gets shattered. So what can you do when you feel like this? When you feel like you have cried all the tears you physically have inside of you to cry? In my case, all I can do is to express myself through music…

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Tracklisting for OrsiiCast 8:

01. 7D – He’s Gone
02. Cresa Watson – Dead
03. Erykah Badu – Green Eyes
04. Al Green – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
05. Aretha Franklin – I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)
06. Mayer Hawthorne – I Wish It Would Rain
07. Corinne Bailey Rae – Till It Happens To You
08. Lauryn Hill – Ex Factor
09. Janet Jackson – Got ‘Til I’ts Gone
10. Darondo – Didn’t I (Trishes Edit)
11. Chet Baker – The Thrill Is Gone
12. Eva Cassidy- Autumn Leaves
13. Feist – Let It Die

PODCAST: OrsiiCast 7

OrsiiCast 7

Many people often ask me why I decided to stay in London after I finished university. Everything is much more expensive over here, it can get pretty lonely from time to time, it rains quite a bit, and I don’t actually work with music any more. I would say this podcast is the answer to that question.  In my personal opinion, OrsiiCast 7 is one of the best ones (musically) I have ever made. This 59 minute mix lifts my spirits so high that I can’t stop smiling and yes, my heart does beat a bit faster when I play it. It includes incredible tunes from the likes of Paul White (have you bought his album yet!?), Dam-Funk, Souleance, Joker, a stupidly addictive remix from Mumdance and one of this summer’s favourites, Shimmy Shimmy Ya by Prince Fatty. So go get listening, it’s a good one! Much love! x

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Tracklisting for OrsiiCast 7:

01. Paul White – Looking Out To See
02. Dam-Funk – Mirrors
03. Shafiq Husayn – Lil Girl Feat. Fatima
04. Budamunky & Joe Styles – Cute Hoes
05. fLako – Yeah Yeah Yeah feat. Versis
06. Jemini – Funk Soul Sensation
07. Souleance – Mañana
08. Miles Bonny & Hudson Mowhake – Overnight
09. The Heavy – How You Like Me Now? (Joker Radio Edit)
10. Joker & Ginz – Purple City
11. Santagold – Creator (Mumdance War Bars Remix)
12. Jay-Z vs Lefties Soul Connection – Party Life
13. The Soul Snatchers – Good Foot Down Feat. Curtis T
14. K-Os – Superstarr Pt. Zero
15. Mos Def – Quiet Dog Bite Hard
16. Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
17. Taggy Matcher – My Adidas