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I’m sorry I’ve been a bit bad with the updates as of late – that’s what happens when you end up with no internet at home for two weeks!

Anyway, if you missed it a couple of weeks back, here is the Jazzman Records radio show I did on NTS Radio, covering for Gerald when he was digging in America.

Hello my friends!

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend and that life is slowly going back to normal after the previous week’s unrest here in the UK.

In the midst of all the chaos last week, I took shelter at work to record a very special edition for my “Little Miss Sunshiine” show. I had the great honour of being joined by Gerald Short, also known as Jazzman Gerald, the founder and director of the label Jazzman Records.

As some of you might know, Gerald is my boss, so I have the pleasure of working with him on a day-to-day basis. But it is not every day I have the chance to sit down and have a “real” conversation with him about what inspired him to start up Jazzman, what his drive is and what thoughts he has on what other people think about him & his business and so on.

Apart from the interview you can also expect a bunch of fantastic, rare and obscure records being played on the show, covering a variety of styles.

Tune in below and check out my Laid Back article that includes pictures from the Jazzman HQ in West London.