Lunar Run celebrating the launch of Lunarglide4

Happy Friday my friends!

I hope you’re all well and enjoying this amazing weather we’ve been having lately(ok ok, Im joking, Im joking, it hasn’t been the best I know).

However, a little monsoon rain has never stopped me from running before and last night was no exception!

The very kind people at Nike had invited me along to the launch of a new running shoe *drum roll* –  the Lunarglide4.

And to celebrate the release of this fantastic new running shoe they gathered me and some other awesome & dedicated Nike+ users to go for a 5K run in the evening. Yes it was dark. Yes it was cold and miserably and windy (for being in June!). And yes it was absolutely pissing down with rain. But we had come to run and that is exactly what we did. However…

Little did we know that we would actually end up doing the Lunar Run IN THE BRAND NEW SHOES! And if that wasn’t awesome enough, WE EVEN GOT TO KEEP THEM! Yeah that’s right, we got a free pair of the new Lunarglide4’s and oh my gosh  they are so pretty…and light…and comfy to run in… and just felt (and feel) so much better than my previous running shoes!

I have to admit, it might not the best of ideas to go for a run in box fresh WHITE trainers when there’s torrential rain outside, and I am pretty sure most people in the Covent Garden area thought we were a pretty crazy bunch of people, but to be honest with you, the combination of the darkness, heavy rain and wind and my feet being wrapped up in a super slick and light shoe actually made me feel like I was flying at some points – which was a wonderful feeling!

So big thanks to Nike for inviting me to come down! I had a great run, the food and drinks after the run were delish and it was great seeing a familiar face as one of the pacers (baby Mei).

And of course – much love to my fellow Run Dem Crew members that were there too! It’s always super fun to spend time with different people from the crew, especially at slightly random events like this! So hugs to all of you, I had so much fun!

Oh and a very special shout out to the girl above who was wearing THE TIGHTS. I have been longing to own these exclusive-only-75-made-in-the-world-ever-tights since they first dropped. I hate that I don’t live in the US because that means I havent been able to get my hands on a pair. Apologies to the girl if I seemed slightly odd for freaking out when I saw you wearing them, BUT THEY ARE THE TIGHTS! *big sigh* I am heart broken for not having these badboys to run in…. *snaps out of it and moves on*

Anyway! I actually purchased some new neon peach Nike Free Run 3’s yesterday too because I didn’t know I was about to get a free pair of trainers in the evening. So all in all I had a pretty Nike filled day! Can’t wait to properly try out my new running shoes (yes both pairs!).

Who knew running could look and feel this good!? I certainly didn’t when I started in January and look at me now! Sometimes I think this is all a dream because it’s just too good to be true.

Im on the Nike Training Club FB page today!

A few months back, just after I came back from the Berlin Half Marathon, I was asked by the lovely people at Nike to do a little photoshoot for their Nike Training Club. Im no model and I have never really felt comfortable with other people taking my picture, but it was a great experience and I had so much fun!

The pictures were taken by the incredibly talented and all-around lovely person & photographer Simon Wisbey who also shot some of the other Run Dem Crew ladies for NTC.

So head over to the NTC facebook page and show me and the other girls some love! I think more pictures will be coming this week!