Evening my friends!

Im so tired my contact lenses just fell out! But as they say – there’s no rest for the wicked and sadly that seems to be more and more true. Anyway, enough complaining! I just realised that I achieved something quite amazing this evening, well, amazing according to myself anyway… and it hit me that I hadn’t even shared it with you to begin with (shame on me!!)

16 days ago, just as I got back from my holiday, my new/latest Little Miss Sunshiine show went on up Laid Back, and guess what! Tonight it reached over 10,000 plays.

Let me say that again – My show ( My, Orsi’s show, the girl who isn’t famous, who doesn’t make music, who isn’t anything special really) reached over 10,000 plays on Mixcloud in 16 days. That’s roughly 625 listens per day! It’s just CRAZY! CRAZY I TELL YOU!

So all I can say is Thank You to all you wonderful people who have tuned in and supported me and shown me & my shows & my mixes so much love. I am over the moon and words cannot express how much I appreciate it.

If you haven’t heard the show yet, feel free to tune in below! Much love & Sweet dreams x