The day before my graduation I had the pleasure of covering for Charlie Bones on the DO!! YOU!! Breakfast show on NTS.

This resulted in three hours of Jazzman Records music only – the perfect introduction to anybody who might be interested on the label and what sort of music we release.

The first hour covers some spiritual jazz and holy grail albums that we have released, the second hour features classic Jazzman 45s ONLY and the third hour is mainly dedicated to releases on our various sister labels.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

We ended up having two radio shows in August and since Gerald was on holiday for the second, I had the pleasure of being joined by our friend and collaborator Francis Gooding.

Francis writes most of the liner notes that you find as part of our holy grail and spiritual jazz series.

In this show I talk to him about his work for Jazzman and other labels such as Strut, as well as his passion for music – especially South African music.

He also shares with us a great selection of rare and obscure South African records, plus an exclusive listen to one of his upcoming projects on Jazzman.

Have a listen below!

I am super excited to announce that we have started a new blog series
called “Top 10” over on the Jazzman blog.

The idea is to share a list of 10 picks within a very wide range of genres and formats – and we have kicked it all off with Jazzman Gerald’s Top 10 US Jazz 45s!

Each post will come with an exclusive mix – so make sure you keep an eye on the Jazzman blog and mixcloud account so you don’t miss a beat.