Coming soon on Jazzman Records!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!! You guys got the 7″ EP yet?

In Jazzman’s own words:

“Just a little while now I hope before the album is ready. As well as 80 mins of the finest music created over a lifetime, we’ve finally got 5000 words of biographical liner notes in place. They have all been translated into French too for the benefit of our Gallic friends. We’ve also amassed an amazing selection of hitherto unseen pics, photos and posters. You can see them on this video that Fryer has put together for us.”

New video from The Greg Foat Group. I can’t wait for the entire album to drop on Jazzman Records 16th May! In the mean time, the 10″ EP (with fantastic handmade and screen printed artwork thats below) will be out 18th April and I can’t recommend both releases enough!

The Greg Foat Group 10″ EP by Jazzmanrecords

Also, if you’re about on the 7th of April, the lovely people over at Wah Wah 45 are hosting the album launch party at Favela Chic. Dom Servini & Scrimshire will be serving up some quality tunes, alongside Greg & a special DJ set from the Jazzman himself. Hope to see you there! x