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New Jazzman show is now available for your listening pleasure! Great new music from Jazzman Records is featured, as well as some of Jazzman Geralds latest purchases and much more.


The International Radio Festival (IRF) is the world’s only on-air festival of its kind. It brings together industry people and creators to discuss ‘how the world sounds’.

Mixcloud teamed up with them to present new award for IRF 2013: the Mixcloud “Best Online Radio Show” Award” – an award for the best radio show that is available online weekly or monthly via Mixcloud.

I didn’t win, but I did get shortlisted with my Little Miss Sunshiine show with the following awesome people:

Soulection Radio
Chris Coco
Tru Thoughts
Nick Francis
Dubbel Dee
Reggae Revolution Radio Show
Solid Steel
First Word Records

They will be broadcasting my show TODAY at 16:00 UK time and 17:00 Switzerland time – you can tune in HERE!

Many thanks to all of you who voted for me – means a great deal to get shortlisted with such high profile radio personalities and record labels!