It was with a very heavy heart that many of us said goodbye to the legendary London club Plastic People the first weekend of the new year.

I got so caught up with life, getting back to work whilst still being ill that I never really had the chance to post anything about it until now.

But I can honestly say that Plastic People was the first place I ever went to in London where I truly felt that I belonged.

When I was there I always felt like I was surrounded by like-minded people – people who were incredibly diverse and who were all brought together by their common passion and love for music.

By going to nights like CDR I got to know so many people (music lovers, DJs, upcoming producers, music industry types – you name it) and the whole experience of going to Plastic and meeting new like-minded people opened up a whole new world for me.

I have so many fond memories from that place and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for that very special space, I would probably be a very different person today.

I probably would have given up on my dream of working with music, I most likely would have moved back to Sweden and I never would have ended up working for Jazzman Records, that’s for sure!

I feel very thankful that I was able to attend the Last Dance – even with my crazy virus and everything else. And I am so chuffed that I was able to bring Sam with me and show him what a magical place Plastic was.

I lasted 4 hours before I felt too ill to stay, but those were definitely the best 4 hours I’ve had so far in 2015.

So if you’re curious to know why Plastic People was such a special place, read this Guardian interview with the owner Ade Fakile and resident DJ Floating Points, check out some of the legendary pictures taken at the club over the years (including one take by Mr Beatnik featuring Sam from the Last Dance below!)


Also, read these two Boilerroom pieces “The State of Democracy Feels Spatial” and “The Only Music School I Ever Attended”, these “short” words on the CDR website and whilst you’re doing all that, have a listen to the entire Closing Party set by Floating Points and Four Tet below!

Hello my friends!

Im still recovering from the weekend and pinching myself to make sure that it wasn’t all a dream.

What is wrong with Groovin' 22nd Nov at the Alibi

First off – THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who made it down to the Alibi this past Saturday! I still can’t get my head around the fact that so many people showed up!

Jazzman Gerald djing at alibi

Gerald was late (surprise surprise!) but when he showed up, he did so with an entire suitcase (!!) full of records – mainly 45s to be exact .

Orsii djing at alibi

Since me and Dom only had singles with us as well it turned into a 45s ONLY affair and we played all the bangers we possibly could, had a few drinks, quite a few laughs, and we even squeezed in some dancing before it got too crowded on the dancefloor.

So if you didn’t come down, you totally missed out on all the fun and simply HAVE TO COME to the next one – pinky promise me that!

jdanna performing

Sunday evening we went back to Dalston to attend a private performance by the incredibly talented South London artist J’Danna.

If that name sounds familiar it’s because I wrote about her back in 2012 when she performed this Gil Scott-Heron tribute, Winter in America, at Worldwide Awards:

This was her 19th birthday celebration and she kindly gifted us with a fantastic evening that consisted of her showcasing her new material with a live band, including this banger by Julio Bashmore where she provides the lead vocals:

Safe to say I cried at least 3 times because she has blossomed into such a talented young woman :’) And to make it even better, after the show she was presented with a big cake which was made by my friend Candice – what a small world ey!?

 jdanna bday cake

The cake was sooo yummy that I had to lick my napkin clean to get all the frosting off haha. Im not a big cake person overall, so for me to do that is a big deal ;)

Eating some of jdannas bday cakeAll in all it was an amazing weekend – a bit hectic and I was very worried about how the event would go down – but you what? When my head hit the pillow late Sunday night, all I could feel was how thankful I am to be able to work and do what I love, it’s a blessing even though it makes a tough life from time to time.

Orsii BCU

What a week it’s been…and it’s not even over yet!

Im still recovering from the Jamaican jetlag – or more like desperately trying to adjust to the very dark and grey weather here in the UK.

Was gonna try to be up by 7am every morning this week, maybe go to the gym, and start new good habits now that my holiday is over.

But that lasted two days and on the third day I was so knackered from not being able to fall asleep at night that I overslept with 2 hours!

To add to my tiredness I’ve also been super busy at work, even though I worked extra hours for more than two weeks before my holiday, argh! Not my fault though, we’re just in such a busy period now with new releases and events that I just haven’t been able to catch up with it all.

Me talking at BCU - picture borrowed from @craigfots

Me talking at BCU – picture borrowed from @craigfots

On Thursday I went up to Birmingham to talk to some BA and MA students at BCU.

The perfectionist in me wasn’t happy with my performance, I personally really enjoyed the experience.

Of course, practise makes perfect, so I would love to be able to do more talks like this at universities about the music industries, my work at Jazzman and with the MIC, and about being enterprising. So if you need a guest speaker, drop me a line!

Plus, I got to see the new media campus that I was part of but never attended (sadly!), and I got to meet loads of people that I either haven’t seen for ages or who I finally got to meet IRL for the first time.

Fantastic day overall but extremely tiring! No rest for the wicked I suppose.

I will be DJing tonight at the Alibi as well and it would be great to see some friendly faces. It’s free entry all night so come and say hello if you’re in East London!

Fingers crossed I can have a bit of a lie in tomorrow and recharge my batteries, but for now I better go and select some records to play tonight.

Hopefully catch some of you on the dancefloor later!