Bullion, Paul White, Alex Chase, Floating Points etc.


Morning! Just wanted to quickly let you know about this event that will be happening. Its at Cable near London Bridge and should be great. One of my personal favourites, Bullion, will be playing and other One-Handed Music peeps like Paul White and Alex Chase (who Ive never had the pleasure to see playing yet). Let me know if you wanna come!

Worldwide Underground

So this is what you can expect tomorrow night:



And last but never the least, one of my favorites…

(You should check out his radio show and download it HERE!)

Last week was amazing, dont even know where to begin. And even though it was an honour to meet Moodymann, I must admit, that the best of the evening was:
1. The crowd – much love and respect to all of you who came down and showed your support.
2. Mr José James – Who we all know I love beyond words. A pleasure as always to meet him, and the nicest surprise of the evening! Can’t wait to see you on Friday!

So yeah, get your asses down tomorrow night! Its a great line up, and a great way of starting the week.

The BPM Presents…

The Big Chill House in Kings Cross

Thristian having his The BPM Presents… night.

New crazy friends that I made. A bunch of really funny and outgoing people.

Thristian with one of the performers, Valentina. Wonderful girl with an amazing voice. Really liked her. Check her out here if you want!

The Crowd…

The Mighty Jeddo. AWESOME BAND! Check them out here!

DJ Maximilian. Funny guy, love his North London accent!

The BPM doing his thing…