I got a message from an old uni friend yesterday who had stumbled across the mix I made for Jazzman a few months ago. We started talking and he completely blew me away with his good taste in music. Totally made my day if I am honest, such a nice surprise! He sent me this jazz mix he did a while back which is simply LUSH! Obviously I felt obliged to share it with you guys. And if you like it – hold tight as we might make a radio show together.

Much love x

Soul healin’ Jazz by ZiMbAdabooM

Hello my dear friends!

After almost a week of harassing Dave to sort out the NYC pictures, he’s finally done it so I figured it was time to share this great adventure with you all! They are a combination of nice ones with Dave’s camera and slightly crappy ones made with my phone ;) I will add all the text another day as it takes ages to add all these pictures one by one.


The Adventure begins...

In the taxi going to the hostel

The view from the taxi

Settling in in our room

This was our livingroom where we stayed

And this was the livingroom from the other side of the room with the kitchen

Pretty building in Williamsburg

We went for a walk over the Williamsburg bridge

The view from the Williamsburg bridge

After a long walk & jetlag we decided to take the subway home

Desperately trying to stay awake with the help of beer

Considering how warm it was during the day, night time was pretty cold!

And the beer was not really keeping us awake...

So we decided to call it the day and go home and sleep


A sunny day perfect for exploring a big city!

Central Park & Dave in the sunshine

We walked around for a bit and played on the playground

After Central Park we decided to explore Times Square

We were pretty tired so decided to sit down in Times Square and have a rest


Not many pics from day three because we were doing our separate things and I didnt have a camera. However I did check out quite a lot of records shops that day and in the evening we went to Madison Square Garden to watch a Rangers game.

Obligatory picture of a yellow school bus

Rangers vs Colorado at Madison Square Garden


I dragged Dave along to go record digging with me. This awesome place was called the Thing

Dave being slightly overwhelmed by all the stuff

Then I took Dave to see all the discoveries I made the previous day

We went digging for some more records

Then we went to this amazing little Bakery on Bleecker Street

We shared delicious a pumpkin and pecan cake

After a VERY LONG day of walking we stumbled upon a little place to rest called Panda

After another long day of walking we took the subway home


Radio City Music Hall

On top of the Rockefeller Center

Empire State Building & view from top of the rock

David at the top of the rock

Central Park & view from top of the rock

Dave poking the Empire State Building

Me and the view

Rockefeller Center

An amazing little burger joint hidden in a very fancy hotel lobby

Dave at burger joint

Me drinking some milkshake


Some more Central Park

Dave enjoying some icecream in the sunshine

Me & Mr Junior at Tip Top


Hill Country - where they sell food by the weight! We ate so much meat!

Drinking some yummy southern cocktail


Last day we went for a last walk in Williamsburg

Erykah Badu on the wall in the kitchen downstairs

Last picture of me and Dave at JFK before our flight home