Hello my dear friends!
I hope you are all good and that you had a nice weekend! I have been a busy little bee lately so I haven’t posted an OrsiiCast here for over a month. However, my friend Alex from On-Point turned 25 yesterday, something I felt like I had to celebrate in one form or another. I have never met him in my life, and he is kind enough to let me stay with him this weekend when I am going over to Brussels. So, I figured I would dedicate this very groovy little OrsiiCast to him. Be prepared to be blown away by some funkalicious tunes my friends! If you manage to sit still to this one, I will be very surprised!

Happy Birthday Alex! I hope you had an amazing day yesterday. I wish you all the love, well being and happiness in the world. Thank you for the continues support and for all the positive energy and inspiration you spread. This one is for you… Much Love – Orsi x

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Tracklisting to OrsiiCast 9:

01. Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)
02. The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Hold It Down
03. Ike & Tina Turner – Funkier Than A Mosquita’s Tweeter
04. Dyke & The Blazers – Let A Woman Be A Woman…
05. Ruby Delicious – Rock Steady
06. Woo Haa! (Busta Rhymes) – Omer Saar
07. The Haggis Horns – Naughty Buddha
08. The Soul 69 – Soul 69 Theme
09. The Delta Rhythm Section – Funkin Fever
10. All Good Funk Alliance – Major C
11. El Da Sensei & Returners – Got Fire Feat. Doujah Raze
12. J.T.W.R. – Get Over It Feat. Amy Winehouse
13. Q-Tip – Poetry Feat. Erykah Badu
14. Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
15. El Michels Affair – Detroit Twice
16. Jimmy Smith – I Just Wanna Make Love To You



I am heading over to Brussels for the first time ever in my life to attend this event called RELEASE. It’s gonna be a great night with fantastic vibes and amazing people, all there to support independent music & checking out new talents and bedroom producers from Belgium and neighbouring countries. The event is being held by Onda Sonora and you can find all the information you need over at the RELEASE WEBSITE . I am making my way there all the way from London to show my love and support, so if you live in Brussels, or anywhere near Brussels, and you DON’T attend, I will be very disappointed! It is a must-go party if you are a fan and supporter of independent music & artists! So much love to you all and I expect to see my Belgian crew on the 3rd October at the RELEASE party, representing good music and spreading the love! x

Right, so you need to watch this video… Why? Because I can’t remember the last time I watched or listened to something that made me smile & giggle this much. And shed a little tear if Im honest. But not due to sadness or because it was bad, but simply because… I don’t know, I find it very heart warming and slightly overwhelming when I come across people that are really passionate about what they love doing. Mostly because I can relate to it. And yes, this mini documentary didn’t just make me smile the biggest smile ever, but it also reminded me that there are so many amazing and talented people out there, JC being one of them, and they never stop to amaze me with their dedication and passion and energy. They inspire me to keep on doing what I am doing, and they feed me with the energy and positivity that I need whenever I feel like I cant muster the strength carry on. So yeah, please make sure to watch the video, download the preview EP “A Man and His Funk” over at On-Point, leave him a comment and show your support!