The Break Up

Hello my lovelies!

It’s Friday the 13th today! Let’s hope nothing horrible will happen to any of you (or myself! I mean, what would you ever do without me!? haha) Thanks to all of you who have been messaging me and commenting on the podcast. I must admit, it is a bit overwhelming to get such lovely feedback on my first attempt. And since you are so nice to me, I have decided to let you in on a treat!

I have collaborated with Jeej on a special podcast to mark the occasion of this Anti-Valentines day (yeah, it is Valentines day tomorrow. In case you forgot and you have a partner, I would suggest you act quickly!) You can find the podcast and the tracklisting here.

I hope you enjoy it! Tune back this weekend because I have some more sweet stuff lined up for you.

Much love,


PODCAST: OrsiiCast 1

OrsiiCast 1

Finally! The moment we (or maybe just me, you tell me) have been waiting for for so long has arrived! Not only has my blog had a facelift and moved URL, I am now able to share some of the music I listen to with all of you guys. For this very first OrsiiCast I have cooked up a nice little blend of funky beats and chilled out tunes, including personal favourites such as Emanative, José James and DJ Day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Tracklisting for OrsiiCast 1:

01. Eric Lau – I Don’t Do It To
02. Sonar Kollektiv Orchester – No Use/Another day
03. Emanative – When On Earth
04. Fatima – Wildchild
05. Kissey Asplund – With You
06. Mr. Beatnick – I Know All The Bitches Feat. Ahu (Bullion Remix)
07. Stacy Epps – Who Knows
08. José James – Equinox
09. Eliphino – Break Up
10. Belleruche – Northern Girls
11. DJ Day – Closer Feat. Aloe Blacc
12. Elan Mehler – When I Fall In Love
13. Unforscene – This Is London
14. Beady Belle – A Touch Of Paradise

Special thanks to Gavin from Jus Like Music, who helped me setting up the new blog and podcast, and for the continues support and encouragement you have shown me.
This very first OrsiiCast is dedicated to you.