The marathon is not far away now – only 3½ weeks to go!!

However, before that I have another race to run: The Nike Womens 10K – We Own The Night!

So with that in mind, here is a SUPER MIGHTY girl power filled playlist with some of the best running music by female artists and groups (in my humble opinion).

Most of these songs are on rotation on my regular running playlists.

It’s not really music you would catch me buy or DJ out – but it’s definitely music that helps me run! Brings back so many memories… :)

March is my anniversary month so I thought I’d share some music that the boy has introduced (or re-introduced) into my life. Safe to say I wouldn’t usually listen to most of this music, but I find it incredibly good to run to!

Once again it might be worth mentioning that loads of stuff is missing because I don’t want it to be a 12 hour playlist, so yeah, artists like (for example) Jay-Z had to stay off it as I might just do a running playlist dedicated to him (or maybe him & Bey, we shall see).

Considering February is Dilla Month I figured I would do a playlist with just Dilla (as an artist and as a producer). Almost hit the 3 hour mark so decided to leave out a lot of stuff he produced for others. Doesn’t mean its shit, just too much stuff to choose from!