Discussing the issue with reissues is me plus Jonny Trunk from Trunk Records, Quinton Scott from Strut Records and deputy editor of The Wire, Derek Walmsley.

The podcast is split into three parts, the first tackling the divisive question of Record Store Day and the flood of major label reissues it facilitates, as well as the question of ‘audiophile’ pressings, heavyweight vinyl and what this actually means for the consumer. The second will take a look at the proliferation of reissues and compilations charting scenes from around the world and the ethical questions that arise from this, while the third will round things off by looking at archival reissues and what this means for music being made and released on vinyl today.

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve probably come across J’Danna before, I wrote about her performing this amazing Gil Scott-Heron tribute at Wordwide Awards a few years ago:

And I’ve mentioned this super catchy Julio Bashmore tune before that she did the vocals for as well:

Well this week J’Danna released a new FREE single called “Gazing” and it just gives me so much pleasure to share this track with you. She is a remarkable young woman and a true artist with a phenomenal voice.

It has been a pleasure to see her evolve both musically and personally, and I urge all of you to download this track and show her some love, not only does she really deserve it but it’s a great tune too!

I woke up super ill with a bad cold and sore throat, but the news of this album has totally made my day/week/month/year*!

(*select however you feel fit – me and many others have waited 14 years for this!)

D’Angelo has finally released his new album, Black Messiah, and if you have any sense – you’ll go and have a listen to it!

I would assume that there’s a lot of pressure releasing new material, especially after so much time and people’s high expectations.

But so far I’m feeling it, so let’s hope that lasts  throughout the entire album.

Happy Monday!