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Still not back doing the regular shows on NTS due to some other take-over. So Jazzman Gerald threw together this fantastic one hour mix that includes some new Jazzman releases, as well as some UNRELEASED Jef Gilson material taken from the forthcoming Jazzman Records release called Jef Gilson – The Archives.

If you like what you hear you should check out this video too!

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No regular show this time due to some take-over on NTS so Jazzman Gerald has made an exclusive 70 minute tittyshaker mix instead. Mark my works when I say it is on FIRE!

Yes yes yes! The long awaited second part of the Supa Serious Series is finally here!

For those that don’t know, this a fun collaboration between DJ Vadim and myself that started out as a little side project about a year ago.

The idea behind the collab was not only to meet up, eat some nice food, have a few drinks and play some records – but to really let loose, have some fun and stop taking ourselves so seriously.

This is a 100% uncensored, ALL VINYL, live recording where I play one record and Vadim follows with another.

So join us for a 100 minute eclectic mix of music with lots of banter, laughs and silliness between the cuts and make sure you check out Supa Serious Part 1 if you haven’t!