Another weekend in Malmö

After their cancelled trip to London in August, I felt like I had to go and see them – especially now when they’ve officially moved to Malmö! It was also a good excuse to get some cuddles from my favourite little person and favourite elderly person <3

I’m gonna wear this badge with pride!

A short but sweet break filled with lots of happy moments with some of the people I love the most on this planet. I really hope we’ll be able to spend more weekend like this together.

Wedding dress shopping

Today I made my way over to West London to my close friend Anna’s place for brunch and wedding dress shopping. When I arrived Anna had a big surprise for me! She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids at her wedding – I of course accepted without any hesitation.

After stuffing my face full of the lovely brunch spread she had prepared, me, Anna, her mum and her other good friend jumped in a taxi to head to the wedding dress shop.

We had a quick coffee stop to ensure that we were alert and ready for the big task ahead.

(Baby got back! Don’t worry, this isn’t THE dress)

A super lovely day and I really hope she picks the dress we all agreed looked AMAZING on her <3