So we’ve survived the first month of 2017 and whilst it feels like the world is going slightly mad and backwards, I’ve been trying to stay low-key and focused. I really wanted January to be the month where I laid the foundations for this year and I have to say that so far I’ve been relatively successful.

One of the main things I was keen on doing was to fully make this flat feel like my home and create an environment that I love being in. I’m not fully there yet, but it’s coming together nicely and I love spending time at home.

Another thing that I was determined on doing was to get back into running. To be honest, I feel ashamed of how much I took using my legs/feet for granted… After my accident and injured ankle, every run is a celebration (or at least in theory!) In reality I’m super slow, sluggish and constantly paranoid that I will hurt myself again, but I’m trying to stay positive despite my wavering confidence and swollen ankle in the evenings.

The last, but maybe most important thing that I’ve done since the new year is to delete most social media apps from my phone. I noticed that constantly watching people broadcast their (curated) lives and comparing myself to to them was having a bad effect on me, so now I’m trying to limit the time I use social media.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not perfect and the whole thing is still work in progress – but I don’t really check social networks during working hours, I don’t have the majority of the apps on my phone anymore, and all phones are banned from the bedroom (I even bought an alarm clock, so no excuses!).

Then there’s some other bits and bobs too, but I won’t bore you with that now. Instead, here’s to a decent!

As I got a reminder to pay  for another year of domain and hosting costs for this blog, I seriously questioned if I should even bother…

My heart/head/vision hasn’t really been in it since I left Jazzman in the spring of 2015 and to be honest, nobody reads or cares about this blog these days anyway.

But then I went through the almost 12 (!!!) year archive of this little corner of the internet that I’ve been calling home and I realised that: I really don’t care if I’m the only person that reads this!

I used to enjoy writing on a more regular basis because it meant that a) I could get things off my chest and b) I could reflect on things in a more visual way.

As I entered 2015 I had big plans for the blog; I gave it a bit of a design refresh and I wanted to focus more on the content that the people reading seemed to like, but then life got in the way and these plans never materialised.

In hindsight it’s probably a good thing that it never did because the 16 months that followed were shambolic and I’ve only recently gotten a clear vision of what I want to focus on more this year and in my life overall.

So with that in mind, I’m going to implement some changes here on the blog, which will most likely mean:

  • More of what makes me happy
  • More honesty
  • More me, for me