“Run Dem Crew is a 200 person strong collective of creatives with a passion for running and exchanging ideas. I Do Not Run attempts to capture the spirit of one of the most influential crews in the global urban running movement. The film documents a 12 month period as Run Dem Crew prepare to race the London and San Francisco marathons.”

Run Dem Crew presents I Do Not Run is a film by my very talented, funny, smart and totally drop dead gorgeous running friend Lina Caicedo.

Safe to say that if it wasn’t for these people and this amazing movement, I would probably not be boring you to death with loads of pictures and posts about training for my first ever marathon at the moment.

Actually, to be fair, I probably wouldn’t be running at all if it wasn’t for Charlie Dark, Bangs and the love, help and support from RDC & our global friends!

Big up Lina and everybody else involved in making this short film about Run Dem happen. It brought a lot of happy tears to my eyes.

If you want to see what Run Dem is all about, why not join us at MILE 21 this Sunday as we cheer people on at the London Marathon!

We will be standing on both sides of the road from about 9:30am by

Docklands Tyres & Exhausts
767 Commercial Rd
London, E14 7HG

The nearest tube is Mile End or Limehouse on the DLR – I would recommend you to walk from Limehouse as its much quicker!

It seems that week 12 of my marathon training was a very mixed bag of good and bad moments. Having ended the previous week with two very shitty runs – I wasn’t feeling very optimistic about anything this week.

training week 12 - 1

Because my Sunday long run had been cut short, I felt much more energetic on Tuesday and the initial goal was to run 8 miles again. Despite a strong start and my legs feeling great, I kept having issues of slightly throwing up/”heavy burping” from around 2 miles onwards.

I had the same issue on my Sunday run but that was because I ran too soon after eating. This time I had done research the day before my run  about what to eat when before a run, and I didnt really eat anything to warrant any of those reactions, so VERY disorienting and quite disappointing to be honest!

I decided to try to push through it and maybe do 5 miles instead of the initial 8, but just before 4 miles I got the craziest twisting stomach pains – so bad in fact that I had to scream from the pain at one point, very odd! Managed to push through until 4.6 miles in, and then I took the train home pretty deflated and disappointed.

training week 12 - 2

The thought of yet ANOTHER bad run was really putting me off running this race all together, so when I got an email from Nike asking me if I wanted to do a spinning class at BOOM cycle as part of the We Own The Night training, I jumped at the chance! I’ve never been into cycling or spinning really, but I love some of the classes they have at BOOM (like the hip hop one!!) so this was a great way of doing something different but still keeping active.

Not sure if 45 min of spinning counts as doing a 4 mile run, BUT I did sweat so much I snorted my own sweat a few times, so it did really work my cardio and gave at least my mind a welcomed break from running! (my legs felt pretty shaky if im honest!)

training week 12 - 3

Friday I was back running and managed to do a pretty speedy 8 miler. I am not sure why, but for some reason my legs and mind want to keep a 9:15min/mile pace, which is way too fast for me at the moment!

As a result, I had to stop every 2 miles and force myself to run slower. Not the easiest thing, but now isnt the time to try to gain speed!! I want to be able to keep a consistent and comfortable pace for a very long time and without Cata I just get too eager! But I’m working on it and overall it wasn’t such a bad run!

training week 12 - 4

For Sunday my training plan said 12 miles, but since I missed out on a run this week and only did half of my 16 miles the weekend before, me and Cata decided to try to run 16 miles instead.

The weather was perfect! Cloudy but warm and breezy with a hint of rain. I tried out another pair of Nike shorts I had bought plus a new running bag and I have to say I was super happy with both!

As for the run, apart from needing a wee for about 8-10 miles of the 16, it was pretty bearable until we got to around 13-14 miles. After that my knees – or actually the thin bone exactly under my knees – started hurting so much it felt like somebody has taken a hammer and smashed them up. I was struggling with the pain, but as always, having Cata there helped.

training week 12 - 5

Also, I think our routine of doing a quick stop every 4 miles for some refuelling and a drink helps too. We will most likely just walk and not stop on race day, but mentally it helps knowing that I have something to look forward to every 4th mile.

Overall I am happy with my effort for week 12 of training, hopefully I wont have ended up with a bad case of runner’s knee and can continue training as normal – would hate to get an injury this close to the race!


MON: REST – Done
TUE: 5 miles – Done
WED: 9 miles – NOT DONE! Only managed 5  miles due to knees
THU: 4 miles – NOT DONE!
FRI: REST – Done
SAT: 18 miles – NOT DONE! Only managed 8.3 miles due to knees

Two years ago today I embarked on one of my lifes biggest challenges – to run the first ever race of my life.

I was incredibly nervous and I had no idea what to expect from the race (would I make it!?) and from the first ever Bridge The Gap event that gathered many running crews from around the world to run & party.

My berlin race kit

I did everything by the book, and I had great difficulties going to sleep the night before so I decided to have two nightcaps to calm my nerves. Not sure what it was, but 2 whiskey sours later and they resulted in me accidentally pouring one all over me… Clearly thats not pictured here, but lets just say that I was happy I brought extra running tights with me!

Orsi before the Berlin Half Marathon

I wish I could describe all the thoughts and feelings that were hidden behind that smile. Some are too personal to talk about here, but I remember telling myself that due to my knee issues, I would just run the race with no expectations and try to enjoy it and savour the moment.

Orsii finishing the Berlin Half Marathon
I know I have posted that picture a million times on the blog, but there’s been very few moments in my life where Ive been so genuinely proud of myself and what Ive accomplished.

My first ever run

That’s the first run I ever made. I thought I was going to cough up my lungs and the thought of running 13.1 miles seemed impossible. But I did my best, put in the training and despite injury and self doubts, I completed it! And looking back on all the pictures, I looked really good whilst doing it too! (Im jealous of my past self…!)


These were the total miles that I had run on the exact day of the 2 year anniversary of the race (which was a few days before the actual anniversary this year). If you’re counting in KM that is the same as 1448,7 KM! In March alone this year I did 115 miles (that’s 185KM) which is more than double of what I used to run per month in the past 2 years!

So all in all, it’s pretty damn incredible! Especially if you think about the fact that  Im not “built to run” –  it takes me a lot of effort to do it – just look at my first ever run and how slow I was!

Orsii 15 miles!

I’ve been a bit sad and disappointed about the fact that Im still around a stone and a half heavier this far into my training, compared to my weight 2 years ago – despite running double the amount. But when it really gets me down and I feel super insecure, I try to look at how far I’ve come and not lose faith in the fact that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to. Whether that is a degree, or running a marathon, or losing weight and getting leaner.

So thanks to everybody who have helped, supported and inspired me along the way. With only 6 weeks left to both my marathon and my final MA deadline, Im starting to feel the heat, but Im really trying to keep my cool and focus on my journey and how far I’ve come since that first run on the 10th December 2012.

I never thought or dreamed about running a marathon in my life, and with the miles still increasing in my training plan, I think it’s safe to say that the journey to race day has so far been much more challenging on both my body and mind than the actual race day. Mind you, that might change once I actually have to run the damn thing!