@Nike+ training with Lunar Hyperworkout+

Hi guys!

I hope you’re well and that you’re enjoying the last day of the Olympics.

I wasn’t really into it to begin with, but seeing the amazing Mo Farah win his second gold medal last night has really inspired me to try to take this training a bit more seriously.

Which kind of ties in with what I wanted to share with you all today…

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Nike invited me to their Olympic showroom the other day and I got to try out their new Nike+ Training shoe – Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+

Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+

Now those of you who have known we for a while know that I have never ever been a sneaker obsessed person, let alone one that chooses working out over other “more fun things”.

But after meeting Bangs last year I can safely say that I am a changed woman and this latest innovation by Nike has really blown me away! (And just to clarify, nio I am not getting paid to say this – I am genuinely impressed and excited!)

So what does this shoe do that is so awesome?

Well, it combines a lot of things that I personally feel has been missing (at least in my “training life”) when it comes to combining exercise, technology and being social.

If we just start with the actual shoe (and disregard the fact that it looks awesome!), it has built in sensors that can feel and track your every move.

Nike sensors in the Lunar Hyperworkout+ shoes

That basically means that the shoes can sense where your feet are putting the pressure, but they also sense and measure things like jumps, speed and intensity.

Orsii trying out Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+

As you can see on the screen in the photo above – I am putting all my weight on my right foot and the sensor are picking it up and displaying it!

But the clever thing is not just the technology with the shoes and the fact that it helps people measure and track their progress (which I personally think is very important because that in turn helps with your motivation) – it also comes with a free app filled with workouts (like the ones I am doing below) that you can download to your phone!

White girls can jump!

Why is that brilliant? Well, for one I think it’s pretty cool how your shoes can connect with your phone this and measure your performance.

However, it also cool because the workouts are lead by some of the best athletes on this planet, which means that you get to train just like them, measure and track your progress and try to improve your performance with every workout that you do.

Orsii rope skipping

And from a personal perspective, what I think is one of the most clever things Nike has done, not just in terms of this amazing shoe & the app but with Nike+ in general, is that they allow you to share it with and compete against your friends!

Orsii doing some drills

It might not sound like a big deal, but when you’re like me and have your “active friends” scattered around the globe, it is amazing to be able to share and compete with them through Nike+ and the different workout/running apps!

Workout done! Game On World!

Massive thanks to Nike for inviting me to try this out, I am so impressed with how you are raising the bar when it comes to fitness and technology! If I could afford it at the moment (which sadly I can’t) then I would definitely buy a pair because they really make working out more fun!

Stay tuned for my post about the Nike+ Fuelband that Nike kindly gave me during this visit! It’s super awesome :)

  • Anna

    Jag vill ha! Jag vill tävla mot dig! Sååå coolt. Är det überdyrt??

    August 14, 2012