Ladies and Gentlemen, it has finally dropped!

The official Run Dem Crew anthem by Ed Skrein featuring Graziella & Dubbledge “We Run Them” can now be heard in the super dope video above.

And if that wasn’t enough, you will be able to download the song for free on the Run Dem Crew website soon.

Oh and in the midst of all these badass and super hot runners you might even spot somebody that looks familiar around the 1:30 minute mark in the video ;)

Now go spread the love and tell a friend!

Happy Friday!

Hi guys!

Many of you have seen pictures of my new Nike+ Fuelband and a lot of you have been asking how it works, if I like it and if it’s worth getting one for yourselves.

I’ve had it for less than a week, but so far I have really enjoyed using it, so I thought I’d give you my own thoughts on the whole Fuelband thing.

So what does it do?

Essentially, the Nike+ FuelBand tracks all your day-to-day activity  and translates every move you make into Fuel Points that you collect and sync with your very own Nike+ profile. You set daily goals for yourself and you can track your progress online and via a Fuelband app. You can also see how many Fuel Points your friends are earning, so essentiall,y you’re able to compete against them and yourself, and you can share your achievements on Twitter & Facebook etc.

So why should you get one?

I know that some people are a little bit against the Fuelband because they think it’s just an overpriced pedometer with a swoosh on it. However, I think those opinions are being formed without having tried it out properly.

For a person like me who sits down most of the day, I see the Fuelband as a great tool to be more active in my everyday life, but in a slightly more fun and clever way.  I mean, it’s one thing being aware of the fact that you spend most of your day sitting on your ass, but there is a massive difference between knowing and DOING something about it, and I think the Fuelband helps motivate you to do something about it – beyond the “walk up the stairs / don’t take the bus” arguments.

The fact that you can set goals, track your progress and compete with friends means that you don’t want to be the lame person who never hits a goal, who is always at the bottom of the table of Nike+ friends with least points etc.

Your life will not be meaningless without one, but if you have the spare money and you’re interested in become a bit more active in your everyday life, getting a bit fitter and having more fun whilst doing so, I would highly recommend it!

PLEASE NOTE: The Nike+ Fuelband can be bit addictive and once you have it you might start doing silly things like punching the air for 5 minutes before bedtime because you want to earn those extra 1000 points before you fall asleep, setting crazy challenges whilst cleaning the house to see how many points each chore will earn you, or doing silly dances and star jumps whilst putting together the shopping list and so on.

It really goes with the whole “Make life a sport” mantra and that isn’t a bad thing!

Hello my friends!

I know it’s been a while since I updated the blog, and to be honest with you, I haven’t been feeling my best for a few months.

Despite having some great times this summer, overall, these months since I completed the Berlin Half Marathon in April have been very draining.

I have worked more and harder than I’ve ever done in my life, and since my office moved out in nowhere in June, my day-to-day routines have been turned upside-down as a result of working at home (which I hate because it is really lonely and not very creative at all).

With two half marathons slowly approaching in October, I have been having mini panic attacks and nightmares about not being able to achieve better than what I did in my first race, mainly because I feel guilty for not haven’t trained as much as I wanted to, either due to lack of  motivation, injury or simply lack of time.

This blog has always been a place where I have come to let off some steam and emptied out my thoughts, feelings, ideas and questions – but I have felt a bit reluctant to do so because some people seem to think that I share these things it to get attention, which I don’t.

Either way, for my birthday last week I was invited by Nike to go and get a tour of their showroom that they’ve set up especially for the Olympics, showcasing not only the different outfits and shoes the athletes are using at the games, but also to try out their new Nike+ Training shoe and to get a Fuelband (all which I will cover in a post later this weekend – so stay tuned!)

I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Fuelband for quite a while now and having missed the British 10K, the Nike+ FuelFest AND the Ernesto Neto x Run Dem Crew Flyknit workshop that Nike hosted, I never really thought I would get the chance to own one. So it was the biggest and most loveliest surprise to get asked to go and check out all the amazing things at the showcase, and of course, to get my very own Fuelband at last!

Quite a few people asked me how I, out of so many other people, ended up getting one and why. The most honest answer I could think of was:
I have no idea why and how.

I’m no super athlete, I’m kind of chubby again (due to lack of training!), I’m not a crazy fast runner,  I’m definitely not a stylish model or some kind of cool cat – I am just me.

The more I thought about it, the clearer it became that all in all, there’s no real reason for me to “be picked”, apart from the fact that I am pretty much just like most people out there – the only slight difference might be this blog and the fact that I have shared all my ups and downs when it comes to running and music and work and uni and everything else here.

And maybe because by sharing my story and running Berlin half I managed to inspire over 25 people in at least 5 different countries to start running – of which approx. 10 will be joining me in Amsterdam to do the half marathon and for some of them it will be their first ever race.

25 people might not sound like a lot, but those are only people that I know of, and the fact that I have managed to inspire them to run is one of the most amazing and proudest feelings I’ve ever had!

So I guess that, and luck. Lots and lots of luck.

And most definitely thanks to the fact that I run with amazing people like Run Dem Crew and Team Bangs.

I’m still struggling with a lot of things in life at the moment, but a training plan has been put together for Amsterdam and I am doing my very best to stay focused and not let the negative things in life get to me.

Running has given me so much and I have come such a long way since I first started in January. And yes, there has been a few backlashes since April, but I am determined to keep on keeping on, clocking those miles, try to help and inspire others to do the same and not give up.

So let’s go and Do Da Ting people and try to inspire each other to be the best that we can be, not just today but every day. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, much more difficult than running, but I am pretty sure it’s achievable and one way of finding greatness.