One of my favourite Laid Back collaborators – Blast Kid (The Jazz Kid) has done a mini documentary about Belgian Popcorn.

To quote him about the short film:

“This documentary is far from a complete historical overview of Belgian Popcorn. Making such a film would be nearly impossible, as there are many people who have contributed to the movement at different times and in different places. This short documentary puts the focus on the early days of the scene, as seen by two of its key figures.”

For more info, visit and

You can read the full article on the Laid Back site and if you have 12-13 minutes to spare, please do watch the video below!

And if you like what you hear, you might want to check out Jazzman’s relatively new imprint “Popcorn” that – surprise, surprise – focuses on reissuing exactly this kind of music! You can find all releases on his website or on the Fat City site.

Enjoy :) x

Coming soon on Jazzman Records!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!! You guys got the 7″ EP yet?

In Jazzman’s own words:

“Just a little while now I hope before the album is ready. As well as 80 mins of the finest music created over a lifetime, we’ve finally got 5000 words of biographical liner notes in place. They have all been translated into French too for the benefit of our Gallic friends. We’ve also amassed an amazing selection of hitherto unseen pics, photos and posters. You can see them on this video that Fryer has put together for us.”

So Sunday the 22nd of May (THIS SUNDAY) The Jazz Meet will be holding a Latin Jazz Special! And surprise surprise – I will be there to spin some records as well.

Appearing on stage:
Mark Townson pres.
Caractacus the Conga Conqueror and the Afro-Latin Ensemble
+ Latin Jazz Jam

Nik Weston (Mukatsuku), Orsii (Jazzman/Laidback Radio) and Rob Coley.

The event starts at 2pm and goes on until 10pm in the evening. ITS FREE all day and if any of their other events are to go by  – I can assure you that it’s one of the best ways to spend a Sunday afternoon & evening, so you shouldn’t miss out!

Feel free to check out the Events page for more info. I will be there from the afternoon and play some lovely music after the band has played (so around 7pm).

So come come cooooome! Have a drink, relax, enjoy the fantastic  music and wonderful company!