New video from The Greg Foat Group. I can’t wait for the entire album to drop on Jazzman Records 16th May! In the mean time, the 10″ EP (with fantastic handmade and screen printed artwork thats below) will be out 18th April and I can’t recommend both releases enough!

The Greg Foat Group 10″ EP by Jazzmanrecords

Also, if you’re about on the 7th of April, the lovely people over at Wah Wah 45 are hosting the album launch party at Favela Chic. Dom Servini & Scrimshire will be serving up some quality tunes, alongside Greg & a special DJ set from the Jazzman himself. Hope to see you there! x

Sending lots of positive energy and thoughts to Japan <3 If any of you guys are around, you should come to this special event on Friday this week and dont forget that if you want to make donations you can do so over at Red Cross.

Gilles put together a superb mix called “Ganbare Nippon” with some fantastic Japanese music which I highly recommend you to have a listen to as well:

Hope you are having a nice Wednesday! x

Feeling very rough & tired today since I didn’t get a lot of sleep this weekend. Sadly, my lack of sleep was not due to partying too much… It was more to do with the fact that I had nightmares and woke up stupidly early both Saturday & Sunday. However, despite being sleep deprived I did have a very nice weekend :)

Now I am trying to keep myself from passing out at my desk and the best cure for that (when coffee isn’t working) is laughter! So im listening back to the super funny Space Invader show – One For The Ditch. I didn’t manage to catch the entire show on Saturday morning, so I figured I might as well enjoy some great tunes and chuckles, in hopes that it will wake me up a bit.

You can have a listen below to the latest episode or catch the show every Saturday morning between 10-12. It’s comedy gold and a perfect way to kick start the weekend, trust me when I say that you won’t regret tuning in!

Right, I better continue working… Hope you’re having a nice Monday my friends & that you feel a bit fresher than me ;)