I am still waiting with great anticipation to read and listen to Domu’s “Under the influence” post over at CubikMusik. And when I thought I would run out of patience, this little blog post popped up from the man himself:

Well, for what was supposed to be a quiet summer of blogs I have certainly managed to keep quite a few coming up. I’m not going to promote any gigs or tell any anecdotes this week, it’s literally a couple of lines to direct you to some summer treats. First of all check http://cubikmusik.com/ over the next few days for a mixture of some of my early inspirations from the 90’s. Then I am going to give away a bit of music. Feel free to blog it, pass it on and do whatever you feel. Since my hard drive crash I have lost the parts to all of these, so I just thought I would give them away, I can’t work on them anymore. Most are from my Myspace and Soundcloud accounts, so you may have heard or even own some of them already. Anyway I am treating it as a fresh start and a chance to freshen up my sound a little. So here you go. Please let me know if you have enjoyed them from whatever methods you use to contact people these days. You can give me a ring if you want. Whatever, I just hope this little burst of freeness is appreciated, because otherwise they are all going in the bin. So check you laters, yeah?

And there you have it folks, enjoy it to the fullest, I know I will! Please do take the time to visit the TrebleO website and if you like the music, give the man a shout or follow him on twitter!


Good morning sunshines!

Hope you’re well this Wednesday morning. It has been a very busy 5 days, and it doesn’t look like it will calm down until at least Sunday. I haven’t had time to write about this, but I woke up with a smile on my face and decided I wanted to share the love with you.

Bullion released vol. 2 of one of my favourite mixes out there, “Mixed Up In Love”, on Monday and it was like the cherry on top of the great weekend I had & a perfect birthday present (even if it wasn’t made especially for me).

Tracklisting for Mixed Up In Love II:

01. Free Spirits Intro
02. Sweet And Innocent – Express Your Love
03. Iron Butterfly – It Must Be Love
04. The Moody Blues – I Don’t Mind
05. The Manhattans – Follow Your Heart
06. Birtha – Feeling Lonely
07. The Bee Gees – To Love Somebody
08. ELO – Telephone Line
09. Joni Mitchell – Solid Love
10. The Four Tops – Still Water (LOVE)
11. Let’s Kiss Blonde Coeds Interlude
12. Adrian Baker – Is This Love
13. Ned Doheny – A Love Of Your Own
14. Tony Grey – She’s My Love
15. The Koobas – Woe Is It Love My Dear?
16. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – More Love
17. Free Spirits Outro

This guy just get’s better and better I tell you! If you don’t have vol.1 of Mixed Up In Love, you better hurry up and get it now! I can promise that you won’t be disappointed. Spread the love and have a great day! x