Afternoon friends!

It has been a very long weekend. Went to Claire’s engagement party at Village East in South London on Saturday evening. Got mildly drunk on all the free alcohol, chatted with some  nice random people and had a good laugh with Ravi & Victoria. Took a cab with Ravi to Cargo to attend the Brownswood Summer Bubblers party where Gavin, Ruth & Arvind were meant to be waiting for us. Missed a great performance by up-coming British songbird Rox, but managed to catch an outstanding performance by New York emcee Melo-X. After his performance I bumped into him outside whilst having a fag and ended up spending most of the night chatting away to his manager. Time kind of flew away, and we ended up going to the Brainfeeder event around the corner, where we blagged our way to a free entry. The event was held in some warehouse just off Curtain Road, the atmosphere and the crowd was crazy, and the music was wicked. Strolled home to get a cab in the wee hours of the morning.

I woke up the next day feeling rather rough. I had been invited to a BBQ just by the Camden Canal, so after having a shower and a coffee, I took the bus down. Ended up sitting outside in the sun with Sophie (who I invited down) having a pint of cider and a BBQ’d burger. Met Pawel and had a beer and a chat with him. Managed to get my act together around 8.30pm in the evening and went home, almost falling asleep on the bus.

Some minor sad/unhappy things happened as well that has gotten me a bit down. But I don’t think I really should be posting them here. However, all in all, apart from those, it was a great weekend!

Afternoon my friends!

As some of you might know, we celebrate midsummer in Sweden, which unfortunately they don’t here in the UK. I hope all you Swedish peeps had a great time last night and that you’re not too hung over today. Gavin showed me this HILARIOUS video of a German IKEA ad taking the piss out of swedes and our midsummer celebrations. Have a look below, especially if you’re Swedish, it is brilliant!

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Just got back from Pawel’s exhibition at St Martins. Saw some amazing designs, jewelry, architecture, textiles etc. Need to start getting ready for Claire’s engagement party which is tonight. I have no idea what to wear! I have never really been invited to one before, mainly because Ive never had a friend getting married I guess… I am going to the Summer Bubblers party at Cargo afterwards, so I need to find an outfit that suits an engagement party AND a “clubbing” event. All I can say is, good luck! I haven’t done any washing for 2,5 weeks now, so I should be happy if I can find something decent that is clean haha. Oh well, here is the poster for the event, click it to get all the info!

Summer Bubblers at Cargo

Summer Bubblers at Cargo

Oh! And if you want to download 2 free mixes by the Midnight Rockers Express you can get nr1 HERE, and nr2 HERE! Enjoy and have a lovely Saturday! x

I have been working in the Shoreditch are for almost 10 months now. As some of you might know (and agree/disagree with), it is kind of one of the (many?) “hip & trendy” places in London. 90% of the people you see around here look like they were taken from some kind of magazine, styled to the bone but (trying to) making it look like it is so effortless and that they just woke up and looked like that in the morning.

Now we all know that I am not the girliest of girls, and Im sure as hell not one of the trendiest, or prettiest, or thinnest of girls either. And as stupid and ridiculous as it might sound, being surrounded by all these people, especially some of the girls who give you that “oh my god the way you look makes me feel sick” stare when you pass them is really starting to get to me.

I had a very set and pre-made-up conception about this area before I started working here, and during the 3 years I had been in London for, I think I had come down to this area twice. Now that I have been here for a while, I have to admit that there are some pretty cool places around here. However, I still cant help feeling slightly out of place.

Every time I come to work, I get more and more self conscious about the way I look and what clothes I wear. I think I need to go on the Shoreditch diet, dont eat for like 4 months, lose like 10000 pounds, and spend my saved up food money on second hand/Brick Lane market/designer clothes, whilst practising that stare in the mirror, and who knows, maybe I’ll fit in here around Christmas time.

Just some random thought…

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Song of the day Speech Debelle – Go Then, Bye

Very talented artist, go get her album Speech Therapy if you haven’t got it already! Was listening to her on my way to work, good bus music when you have stuff on your mind, plus the album is truly great. She is playing in London on the 3rd of July. I think it’s at the Time Out night, but not 100% sure. You can follow her on Twitter or check out her Myspace

too if you’re on it.

Good morning!
I got an unexpected phone call from Dave last night telling me that he got his results through and that he got a first on his Product Design & Manufacture course at university! I just wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate him. He is one of my best friends, and he is moving back to London soon which I am VERY excited about!

So Dave – I am so happy for you and so so so proud! I hope you had an amazing time last night and I can’t wait to see you! xxx