Its snowing, I cant believe it. So beautiful, and cold, and wet, and white. Christmas was okey, Im not a big fan of it, so I guess it was like it always is… Yesterday was nice though, a bit of good old Malmö Lovin’ with Möllan and dancing. Some VERY unexpected stuff happened. Cant write about it here though… But those who are priviliged will be told later. Tomorrow Im meeting up with my love Anna, God I love her. Its gonna be sooooooooooooo nice seeing her again! Oh well, I’ll be going away on a mini vaccaition on wednesday so I’ll keep you posted of how it was. Take care people, I love and miss you!

Tomorrow I’ve been home for a week. So much has happened. I’ve met most of my friends and family, but even though I missed home so much, Im starting to miss my second home and my friends from London. I wish they were here, and that Malmö was as big as London, or maybe not, but I miss people, even though Im enjoying my stay here. And tomorrow Christmas starts. Not that Im in a very christmasy mood. It doesnt feel like chrsitmas, I dont know why. I dont even look forward getting presents. Ive only made one this year, have to make some more tomorrow. And on this vaccation of mine Im taking a mini vaccation (thank god otherwise i would get sick and tired of this town, people are so boring!) Im going on a small trip next week up to Uppsala which will be interesting… haha, oh well, I guess my usuall christmas depression will hit me tomorrow soI’ll guess I’ll be writing some more then. Have a Merry Christmas!

Fuck! I’ve been longing for this day so much, but now that its here, tears…
I think I’m panicing. I don’t want to go home anymore (but I do).
Im just, … , I just love them too much and the thought of Juliette moving home soon, its just breaking my heart at the moment.
And I can’t breath.
So much shit to do today, and Im…
Im sad, damn these tears that are falling!
I dont think you guys know how much you mean to me.
I wish you all the best. Have a wonderful christmas!
You will be on my mind and in my heart forever.
I Love you guys!